Shrek Review



Recently I had the chance of going to see the High School Shrek play on  April, 10, 2014. I wasn’t really looking forward to go because unfortunately I’m not a musical or play kind of guy but I thought they did  a good job. The director ‘Jim’ did a great job directing it and making it how it was.


The background made it look like it was supposed to be, a swamp, a castle or whatever it needed to be to fit the scene. The props were all phenomenal especially the dragon. Even though the dragon’s arm fell off in the middle of the scene they just picked it up and pretended it didn’t even happen. I have to give them props (Props was a pun) for that one. The costumes looked very well especially Lord Farquaads. He was on his knees acting to be a midget.


The lighting and sound were O.K but not anything special to brag about. The smoke machines worked well and looked great but they smelt horrific. Very good job keeping the lights where they had to go pointed -right on the actor that was speaking. Some issues with the microphone but all could be fixed and adjusted to the right level. Sometimes before sound effects there was white noise that was very annoying. One fault they had was leaving one of the actors microphone on when they were backstage.


The acting was pretty good for high school students but there was one actor that really caught my eye. His name was Lord Farquhar, he had very good acting skills and made it look very convincing that he was a snooty prince.  He was my overall favourite actor. But when he wasn’t on, Donkey did a great job of being persistent and annoying to Shrek and everyone else. Everyone was very humorous and funny which made it that much better.


The lighting, props and acting brang the play together to make it overall amazing. As I said before I’m not an play or musical kind of guy but I think this play would of been better than any regular play. Everyone knew what to do and knew their lines to make it run smooth to make it that much better. Good job to everyone who helped and was in the play, it in my top 3.