Shrek Review



Recently I had the chance of going to see the High School Shrek play on  April, 10, 2014. I wasn’t really looking forward to go because unfortunately I’m not a musical or play kind of guy but I thought they did  a good job. The director ‘Jim’ did a great job directing it and making it how it was.


The background made it look like it was supposed to be, a swamp, a castle or whatever it needed to be to fit the scene. The props were all phenomenal especially the dragon. Even though the dragon’s arm fell off in the middle of the scene they just picked it up and pretended it didn’t even happen. I have to give them props (Props was a pun) for that one. The costumes looked very well especially Lord Farquaads. He was on his knees acting to be a midget.


The lighting and sound were O.K but not anything special to brag about. The smoke machines worked well and looked great but they smelt horrific. Very good job keeping the lights where they had to go pointed -right on the actor that was speaking. Some issues with the microphone but all could be fixed and adjusted to the right level. Sometimes before sound effects there was white noise that was very annoying. One fault they had was leaving one of the actors microphone on when they were backstage.


The acting was pretty good for high school students but there was one actor that really caught my eye. His name was Lord Farquhar, he had very good acting skills and made it look very convincing that he was a snooty prince.  He was my overall favourite actor. But when he wasn’t on, Donkey did a great job of being persistent and annoying to Shrek and everyone else. Everyone was very humorous and funny which made it that much better.


The lighting, props and acting brang the play together to make it overall amazing. As I said before I’m not an play or musical kind of guy but I think this play would of been better than any regular play. Everyone knew what to do and knew their lines to make it run smooth to make it that much better. Good job to everyone who helped and was in the play, it in my top 3.


2013 in a Minute

For 2013 I thought these were the most important events. The first major event was the typhoon in the Philippians. It killed, injured and scared people for life. The second event I thought of doing was Boston bombing. I did this event because it killed 3 people and injured almost 300 people the people who went in the marathon might not do it again because of the bomb. Last but not least the third event for 2013 was nelson mandalas death and funeral. It happened on December 5 he died at the age of 95. Nelson Mandela was a great man because he stood up against racial segregation in South Africa by him joining the African national Congress to fight against racial segregation. He got put in jail in June 16 1964 and got let out in February 1990.

Challenge 9 A

And Then It Happened

By:  Lucas


I was playing on my PS3 when I heard my doorbell. I rushed upstairs to see a plump man outside my door. He handed me an envelope then walked back to his car.


I wondered what the envelope was so I went inside and opened it. It was a flyer for a Cheetos commercial that was in Michigan. The prize for making the cut was a year’s supply of Cheetos. I knew this was my time to shine. I asked my dad if I could and he said if it will get us a year supply of Cheetos than yes.


About half way to Michigan I heard something on the radio that said there’s a crazy guy going around Michigan in a Cheetos suit and attacking kids who are trying out for snack food commercials. I thought it was nothing so I kept on playing on my ipod.


Once I arrived to the set there was a sign that read ‘Cheetos tryouts’ with an arrow beside it. I walked to the entrance to see a huge line of kids. There had to be at least 200 of them! I waited in line for almost 3 hours until the Cheetos guy said “next” and pointed at me.


He said all you have to do is say “Cheetos is the best food ever” then take a bite out of one. I thought to myself this sounds easy enough. So I walked to the set and waited until he said ‘action’. Once he did, I said my line, but before I could take a bite out of the Cheetos he already said “he’s our star.”  The Cheetos guy walked me to his office to do paperwork, opened the door, AND THEN IT HAPPENED…..  with all of his might he drop kicked me into his office and locked the door.

I tried to open the door but it was no use. I thought to myself where’s my dad when I need him? Oh yea, at the buffet like usual. I had to at least try to escape. I thought long and hard  hard about an escape plan but it required more than one person. Right then a little midget walked out of the washroom and said ‘ may I be of assistance’? I almost pooped out a brick I was so scared! But when I caught my breath, I said “yea sure.”

I explained the plan to him and he seemed alright with it. So he boosted me up to the window to get help. I ran to the police station which was conveniently right across the street. I told the police that a guy in a Cheetos suit was keeping me, and probably more kids, in the studio rooms.


Me and the police barged into the studio set looking for a guy in a Cheetos suit. We found him and he got arrested. But the worst thing of all was not getting the year’s supply of Cheetos. Once I found my dad and when everything got sorted out, a cop came up to me and asked  if I told the police about the man in the Cheetos suit.


I said yes but if told them that if it wasn’t for a random midget in the washroom it couldn’t of happened. I found the guy who helped me escape and brought him to the police. The policeman said `the reward for catching the crazy Cheetos guy gets a year’s supply of Cheetos! The policeman gave me an escort back to Canada and to my house. After that day I never went to Michigan again.

Student challenge week 8

Activity 1

A great post that would catch my eye would have  a catchy title, lots of pictures with a  link to the image, a good  topic to talk about if  I’m interested in the topic.

Activity 2

I visited 10 blogs and had a conversation with some of the people. I had a great time talking to people with the same interests as me.

Activity 3

A great post that I written is a battle field 4 post. I think that because allot of people commented and liked the post of information on the new game. The post that I made is different to the other ones is not rushing through I actually tried to make it a good post because its a good game and I enjoy it. On my blog I can write about my own interests because I like video games and playing them so it makes it really easy to talk about a new game  or an new update that came out. I think writing about my interests would make my blog more interesting because I think allot of other people who has blogs  about video games can come to my blog and talk about different games and even  play online together.

Activity 4

For challenge 4 I decided to pick these 3 blogs specifically because they all have great posts they all have something in common. They people i have chosen for the 3 great blogs was Luke, Anthony and last but not least Katy The reason I picked these people and there blogs is because they have none or very few spelling mistakes. A good topic to talk about so nobody gets bored reading and good media. they almost always include pictures or even a video about the topic. So go check out there blogs there a link to there blog after there name.








Challenge 7

For challenge  #7 I chose to do activity 4. One difference between ‘Privacy student intro video and digital Footprint’ and ‘Digital Dossier’ is that the digital footprint video is shorter and has less information in it. It has general things about what a digital footprint is and how your actions online will affect you in real life. Digital Dossier has more information and shows specific examples of  what types of things  digital footprint is made of. Another difference I found was that The Digital Footprint video wasn’t narrated and Digital Dossier was.

Personally, I preferred Digital Dossier. I just found it a lot more informative, I already knew most of the stuff from The Digital Footprint video but Digital Dossier showed examples of the digital footprints you leave throughout your life. I didn’t know how many digital footprints we leave.

Battlefield 4

Battle field 4 release date for PS3, Xbox 360 and Pc is October 29. There’s something called beta that came out witch means you can play for free and test it until the real game comes out. Every time you play the beta its helping the developers by telling them what to fix and to do different for a better experience when the game is ready. Its allot similar to Battlefield 3 like the guns and vehicles but what’s not the same is that there’s better graphics the maps are clearer and brighter. They also made the weapon load out screen essayer to navigate then it was in battlefield 3.

Challenge 6

Evans grandparents are from England and Connors grandparents are from Germany and they moved in 1985  to Canada.  Some foods that Evans grandparents brag  is tea and crumpets and something that Conner’s grandparents  brag is stew and pork.  Something that Evan does for an activity with his family is get together every year in the summer and have a huge tournament of  croaky. Something that Connors family does for an activity is get together and have a huge party and just enjoy them self.

Challenge 5

For challenge 5 I decided t0 do a post about child slavery. It  doesn’t  happen as often now but it still does in some places in the world like in poor and developing countries. 61% of child labor is in Asia 32% in Africa and 7% in Latin america here are some of the countries that have child labor China, Korea, Russia, Brazil and many more across the world. I just hope that child labor stops and kids don’t get hurt like they are now.

Challenge 4

Racism in the world is unexceptionable I watched a video of it and it explained how to stop it and help. Just because people have different skin colours does not mean they should be treated differently we should all be treated equally. Places in the world are still treating African american differently than they would us.

Challenge 3

The fundraiser that our school is taking a part in is FCC witch means getting canned food for kids in Canada that don’t have allot of food or money. Another fundraiser that we just started to do is having dances with 5$ admission and all the money goes to our field trip to maskoka woods.canned good